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Bread & Roses

2nd Monday of Every Month

Bread and Roses serves 130 to 175 dinners each night. Faith will be sending 3 volunteers on the 2nd Monday of each month. Serving time is from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM. There is a very small parking lot behind the Bread & Roses building. The most available spaces will be on-street parking locations near the building. There is a signup sheet in the hallway by the library. Contact Barbara & Gary Payson at breadandroses@faith-andover.org for more information.

 Bread & Roses 58 Newbury Street Lawrence MA 01840

Habitat for Humanity

2nd Saturday of Every Month, 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Faith Member Tom Baird, a Habitat for Humanity Site Supervisor, has been lending his expertise to the Merrimack Valley Organization for many years. Our congregation supports this ministry by sharing our time and talents to build homes and build hopes for those families that have gone through the rigorous selection process to qualify for a Habitat for Humanity home. You do not have to be a building expert or have specialized skills to contribute to the projects. There will always be a job for you regardless of your skill level. Faith Members aged 16+ can volunteer the second Saturday of each month at any of the various build projects in the Merrimack Valley area. Learn more about The Merrimack Valley Habitat for Humanity on our “spotlight” page. Contact Tom Baird at habitat@faith-andover.org to find out how you can help.

The ReStore

Located at 647 Andover Street in Lawrence, the Merrimack Valley Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a discount home improvement center. The ReStore sells donated new and gently used building materials, appliances, furniture, and home improvement items at greatly reduced prices. It’s a great service to donate, reuse, and repurpose items that may otherwise end up in landfills. All profits of the ReStore, support our efforts to build safe and affordable homes in the Merrimack Valley.

Our Community
The ReStore
The ReStore 647 Andover St Lawrence MA 01843

A to Z Ministry

Rwehanga, Zimbabwe

Faith supports those in need not only locally, but also globally. Our fellowship with the Lutheran Church in Rwehanga, Zimbabwe and their community school, began in 2003. Ramson Gambiza (photo right) a member of Faith and the son of a Lutheran minister in Zimbabwe, began to share with us the story of his home church and the local school. Since then, Faith has sent school supplies and raised, through the generosity of our members and matching funds from Thrivent for Lutherans, significant funds to pay for building and repair projects at both the church and the school. Faith has also helped develop a sustainable chicken farm and set up a grinding mill to make it more convenient for folks to grind their corn.
Our Community
Ramson Gambiza

June 2021 letter to the friends of Andover to Zimbabwe Ministry from Ramson Gambiza

It has been a very tough last year for our friends in Rwehanga village. The pandemic and lockdown consequences made life especially difficult for folks in the village, who were already struggling to begin with, before the pandemic hit.

The whole country, like here was completely shut down. The country is now starting to slowly reopen.

As a result of the shutdown, it has been a daily struggle for some folks in the village to eat and to get the necessities to survive. Especially hard hit are the widows and orphans in the village.

Over the years, Faith Lutheran has been a “lifeline” for our friends in the village. Faith has helped with money for the church and village school to buy what they need, built a grinding mill for the village, sent school supplies and clothing, among other things.

I, and the folks in the village are profoundly grateful and thankful for these extremely generous and kind acts by YOU, our Faith Lutheran community.

I mentioned earlier on that this time around, especially hard hit are the widows and village orphans. With that in mind, it makes sense to channel some help towards them at this time. Your support and generous gifts are deeply appreciated and will bring unimaginable relief.

The current situation in the village is comparable to the situation in 2008 when a severe draught hit, and our friends in the village were starving. Faith Lutheran responded by sending me to the village with money to buy food for the starving. What a generous act of kindness!

My family and I are all now fully vaccinated. With that in mind, I have decided to travel to the village next month (June). The trip will be a mission trip and to take care of some family business.

While in the village, I will meet with folks at the village church and school and deliver help from Faith Lutheran. I am extremely excited about travelling to the village because of the positive difference we as Faith Lutheran continue to make and will continue to make in years to come.

Again, thank you very much for your generous support of this mission .  Donations may be made through our online giving.  Thank you.

God Bless!

Ramson Gambiza

Lutheran Creative Living House

Faith Lutheran Church actively supports developmentally disabled adults in our community through the Creative Living organization. Faith brought together Lutheran Social Services of New England and the Creative Living organization in a partnership that helped build the eight-person, full-time residential, Creative Living House in 2006. Both the Creative Living organization and the Lutheran Creative Living House are adjacent to our church. Many of the residents of the Creative Living House participate in the ministries of Faith.

Members of Faith Lutheran are on the Board of Directors of both the Creative Living Organization and the Lutheran Creative Living House. The Creative Living House is managed by Lutheran Social Services of New England.

Local Assistance

Throughout the year FAITH collects diapers, underwear and other items for social service agencies in Lawrence MA and money for Lutheran World Relief and World Hunger Relief, and participates in fundraising walks for hunger relief. Check this website or the church bulletins for current collection needs and times.

The Giving Garden

The Giving Garden is a real garden launched in June 2015 by a group from South Church in Andover. This organic garden sits on a quarter acre plot on the grounds of the Rolling Ridge Conference Center in North Andover and sends 90% of the produce grown to Neighbors In Need, a local nonprofit feeding 500 families each week at eleven food pantries strategically located in Greater Lawrence neighborhoods.

From their mission statement:

“We seek to plant seeds of hope in our community by getting our hands dirty. While growing healthy produce for our neighbors in need, we look forward to building relationships across generations and among faith communities. At the garden, we can learn sustainable and organic gardening practices as well as laugh, enjoy the fresh air and help young children pull weeds. We hope the Giving Garden will be a place for building relationships, caring for the earth, growing good food, and sharing its nourishing harvest.”

The garden is a place where people of all generations and faiths are invited to come together for work and fun. You could help out with planting, weeding, picking produce, or watering. The garden also benefits from donations of extra shovels, hoes, and general gardening tools as well as financial contributions. This is a place truly open for every age. Get dirty and lend a hand!

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The Giving Garden

Hike for Hope


This is one of several fundraising events to benefit the Lazarus House shelter for the homeless in Lawrence MA.

Christmas Gift Giving


During Advent, our outreach ministry provides hundreds of gifts for those in need through a Hat/Mitten drive and a Giving Tree that contributes holiday gifts for the homeless through Bread & Roses and Lazarus House in Lawrence MA and Ascentia Care Alliance (formerly Lutheran Social Services of New England). Program needs and collection times will be noted here and in the church bulletins.

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Lazarus House Gift Trees