baptisms & weddings

sacrament of holy baptism

Baptism is a tangible way to express God's love, forgiveness, and grace. We believe that in baptism, God makes a public claim to us as God's children. It marks the beginning of a lifelong journey of faith. Children and adults of any age can be baptized. If you are interested in baptism for yourself or your child, please contact Pastor Jen. She will arrange to meet with you to talk about this sacrament and schedule a time. Baptisms typically occur during a worship service so that the congregation can welcome the newly baptized and affirm their own promises to pray for and nurture the faith of the child or adult.


Marriage is a covenant of love and faithfulness made between a couple and God. Couples are required to go through premarital counseling with the pastor – typically 3 or 4 sessions which includes an assessment called “Prepare Enrich” which identifies areas of needed conversation such as communication, finances, intimacy, or family relationships. As part of the premarital counseling, the pastor will also plan the wedding service with the couple and refer them to our Director of Music to discuss music. 

If you are interested in being married at Faith or by our pastor at another venue, please contact Pastor Jen.

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