Spiritual Lessons From Bread

Spiritual Lessons From Bread
Photo by Wesual Click on Unsplash

There is a certain spirituality about baking bread.

Flour. Salt. Yeast. Milk. Butter. The ingredients are simple but they come together and are transformed into food that satisfies our hunger.

What are the ingredients of your life that most feed your soul?

It is rare to make a loaf of bread and eat it oneself. Bread is meant to be shared.

How do you share your life with others?

Bread breaks. It crumbles – often despite our best efforts. And yet, the crumbs do not lose their ‘bread-ness.’ They can’t be put together exactly as they were before, but they have the power to feed us yet.

How have past experiences of brokenness ended up feeding you?

Jesus broke bread with the oddest of companions (the word ‘companion’ literally means ‘to break bread together’). He broke bread with his friends but also with strangers, enemies, cheaters, those of questionable reputation, and I could go on and on. He knew that breaking bread together was a spiritual practice – it drew the gathered into a deeper communion with each other and with God.

Each week we gather together in worship and break bread together. It is a spiritual practice. It draws us into a deeper communion with God and with each other.

I am also looking forward to breaking bread with many of you at the Women’s Retreat at Camp Calumet October 22-24. (Other details are available in Forward with Faith – or you can send me an email.)

Let us break bread together.

In Christ,

Pastor Jen