Don’t Let The Dragon Win

Don't Let The Dragon Win

The dragon was our nemesis.

A couple of weeks ago I went questing at Boda Borg in Malden. If you have no idea what I mean by that sentence, “questing,” is a live gaming experience where teams of people complete physical and mental challenges. Successful completion of the challenge allows entry into the next. Failure results in exiting the challenge and an invitation to start again.

Boda Borg, a collection of 15-20 quests with various themes originated in Sweden and has a single location in the United States…it happens to be in Malden.

Back to my original statement: The dragon was our nemesis.

There is a quest at Boda Borg called “Potions.” Three of us worked together and on the second (or third) try managed to get through the first room…we had to figure out the clues in order to make a potion which would open the door into the next room. The challenge in the second room also entailed teamwork as we worked together to get a ball from one end of the room to the next without dropping it. This one we managed to complete within the allotted time at about the fifth or sixth try. We were thrilled! We were allowed entry into the next room. But EVERY time we tried to enter the final room of the quest, a dragon spotted us and I suppose as dragons do, it annihilated us. We had to go back to the beginning.

But the beauty of questing, is that we didn’t start all over again completely naive. We had learned things along the way. We had learned how to get through the first and second rooms. We had learned that the dragon spotted us when we jumped; it spotted us when we crawled; it spotted us when we opened the door quickly; it spotted us when we opened the door slowly; it spotted us when we ran through the door; it spotted us when we hid behind the door. (Yes, we tried all those things!)

We haven’t yet solved the puzzle as to how to get past the dragon, but we’ve learned some things along the way, and we’re looking forward to going back to try again.

There are setbacks in life. Things don’t always turn out the way we hope them to. Sometimes it seems like we’re starting all over again…a new relationship, a new job, a new doctor, a new teacher, a new pastor. But the gift is to realize we don’t start again completely from scratch. We have learned some things along the way.

We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed… 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

You’ve learned some things along the way. Don’t let the dragon win.

In Christ,

Pastor Jen