Week 6 of Lent – Go

Week 6 of Lent - Go
Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash

My passport expires at the end of August. A couple of weeks ago I filled out the paperwork and wrote a check for the new one. If I wanted “expedited” delivery, I could pay some more money and get the new passport back sooner. But let’s face it, I’m not going anywhere I need my passport any time soon.

As we think about spiritual practices of Lent, the practice of being sent – of going out into the world – makes me feel a little wistful for the days when we could just get up and go.

“Go in peace. Serve the Lord.” is the liturgical piece called the “dismissal” we say at the end of the worship service. Go where? Into the kitchen for a snack?

The dismissal doesn’t mean we have to take a special mission trip in order to serve God. The dismissal at the end of the service means that worship connects with our daily lives. As we sign off from Zoom, we’ve heard a Word from God, and we are meant to take that Word along with us – even if it’s only into the next room. It comes with us as we FaceTime with friends and family across the country; it shows up when we attend an online book group or business meeting; it connects us to God as we take a walk around the neighborhood, share a social media post, or order takeout.

Our ‘going’ may look different these days, but as a spritiual practice we can nevertheless commit ourselves to “Go (online, outdoors, socially-distanced) with God.”

In Christ,

Pastor Jen