Facility Rental

Use of our facility must be consistent with all applicable church and local rules and regulations and with all applicable insurance constraints. Requests for wedding or baptismal services are handled directly by Pastor Jeanette. Please contact her directly for wedding or baptism information.

Renters must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Requesting organization is non-profit with similar philosophy and values
  2. Requesting organization has an educational purpose
  3. Requesting organization has the active involvement of a Faith member
  4. Requesting person for specific event is a Faith member
  5. Requesting person has a previous and ongoing relationship with Faith
  6. Requesting organization or person is approved by the church council

Rental fees are determined upon request review:

  • At a minimum fees shall cover the calculated cost of building operations for the event, including utilities, ordinary wear, and security and custodial services.
  • For small non-profit groups or for individuals, fees may be waived or a service project accepted in lieu of fees.

Review the Rental Policy before submitting a request

To make a request, submit a completed Rental Request Form as soon as possible prior to intended use. Note that a certificate of general liability insurance and payment including a $100 security/cleaning deposit are due at least ten days prior to intended use. Allow enough lead-time to meet the requirements prior to this deadline. See the downloaded documents for more details. Use of space requested includes access to bathrooms and parking.