Safe Ministry

“Safe Ministry” is a Child and Youth Abuse Prevention Program built around existing policies already successfully used by other churches and organizations (like the Boy Scouts of America), for the ultimate protection of children in church-sponsored events and programs. It provides a framework for background checks to be conducted on church employees and volunteers alike, and sets ground-rules on who is authorized to be around children in the Faith Lutheran Church environment, while establishing a proper code of conduct for all to follow. In June of 2012, the Faith Lutheran Church Council voted unanimously to adopt and implement this policy.

Policy Documents (Updated September 2016)

View or download a copy of the Safe Ministry Policy 2016.

View or download a copy of the Safe Ministry Consent Form 2016.

Download the PowerPoint presentation of the Safe Ministry Training 2016.

Where We Are

We have many volunteers in our Sunday School programs and our Youth Group chaperones, many of them that care for our kids on overnight events at Camp Calumet or mission trips. Providing such volunteers with some guidance on the DO’s and DON’Ts of proper behavior around kids helps protect them from the possibility of false accusations of abuse made against them IF they follow such guidelines. It also provides important guidance on what do to be done if some form of abuse is discovered during church-sponsored events/programs.

More Information

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact:

Rhonda Boudreau (, Christian Education Liaison
Jeanette Leisk (, Transitional Pastor
Mary Johnson (, Church Council President
Mike Clement (, Church Council Vice-President