Transition Team

A Period of Transition

With the retirement of Pastor Jon and Pastor Marsha we are now in a time of pastoral vacancy. Pastor Jeanette Leisk is the Transitional Pastor and is leading us and we thank her for her work. The Congregation is looking to fill this vacancy with new permanent pastoral leadership via the Call Process.

Since the Call Process is an important one for our congregation, the Church Council has appointed a Transition Team to work on the initial issues of this process. The members of the team are John Breiland (chair), Chris Banta, Susan Eliasen, Kathy Faulk, Dave Hempstead, Jeanne Hladky, Dave Kress, Ingrid Marstaller, Kevin Maschhoff, Jackie Morrissy, Craig Saline and Lynn Wong. We are supported locally by Pastor Jen and also the NE Synod.

The first task of our team is to create our story via a Ministry Site Profile (MSP). The MSP is similar to a congregational resume and is shared with the New England Synod and pastoral candidates. Our story consists of some of the history of our congregation, the needs of our congregation, the concerns of the congregation and our dreams. Our story is not just written by the Transition Team but is written by the congregation. We need your participation to help write the story to get both a true and compelling document of our congregation that pastoral candidates will want to read and be inspired.

The Transition Team will continue to communicate with the congregation via email, the website, “Forward with Faith” and “Sola Fide”. Members of the congregation will also be contacted with requests to participate in online meetings or conference calls. Those who can’t participate online are offered an option to do it in other ways. Since we can’t easily meet in person at this time please try to respond when contacted.

Again, for the success of this task, we ask for your participation.

If you have any questions, comments and/or suggestions, feel free to contact the Transition Team via email at