Cottage Meetings

You are invited to a virtual Cottage meeting to share your “Hopes and Dreams” for the future of Faith Lutheran Church!

Faith’s Transition Team is continuing the process of discernment to identify our future needs for the church and what qualities the congregation is looking for in a pastor. This past November and December, we invited you to “History meetings” to share your memories of the church with others of our Faith community. We thank everyone who attended one of our virtual history meetings. Your responses during the history events describe Faith Lutheran as it was (past), and as it is now (present).

Now, we would like to meet with you again via virtual “Cottage meetings” to share your input regarding the future of Faith Lutheran- where would we like to go?  We will gather online to reflect on Faith Lutheran’s strengths and challenges, as well as our hopes and dreams for the future of Faith. We will ask each of you for a few ideas in each of these categories as we put together a compelling vision for Faith and its pastor(s).

Even if you previously attended a History meeting, it is very important that you also attend a Cottage meeting. Attending an online Cottage meeting is your opportunity to make your voice heard.  We would like to get as many people as possible involved in this process.  We will host meetings after Sunday church service and on other dates.  We will have these meetings on different days and times to accommodate everyone.

Please sign up for a Cottage meeting here. Our virtual meetings support both smart devices (computers, Pads, Phones) & audio phones. We recommend that you make some notes of your thoughts in advance of the meeting. The general questions we will discuss are listed below.

  1. What are the strengths of the congregation/staff/pastor?
  2. What are the challenges we face, in our church and our broader communities?
  3. What are your hopes and dreams for the future of FLC?

For those of you who cannot or prefer not to join a virtual Cottage meeting, we have a way to collect your input. Call the church office at 978-475-4059, or send an email to to request a questionnaire to complete at home, or arrange for a telephone call with a member of the Transition Team

After all the meetings are completed, the Transition Team will prepare a summary of the Cottage meeting discussions to share with the congregation.

We look forward to hearing your “hopes and dreams” for the future of Faith!!